Project Description
Definition: explain in detail
Synonyms: annotate, clarify, clear, clear up, decode, demonstrate, enlighten, exemplify, explicate, expound, get across, illuminate, illustrate, interpret, make perfectly clear

OS Requirements:

This uses the .Net 4.5.1 or greater so please install that.
You will also need to install SnapRAID for the OS you are using.

Versions prior to 15-0x use the .Net4 x32 Full profile, so install that.

Q: What is SnapRAID?
A: I think it's best if you go and look for yourself ->

Q: Why a GUI, the Command Line works!
A: Sometimes, ‘point and clicks’ are easier for a novice to get going with, Also this project has some bigger targets in mind as well.

Q: I’m still uncertain, is there more ?
A: Yes, Have a look at the following documentation for pictures etc.

Q: So what are these "Bigger Targets" ?
A: I think this is best answered with a list of features that need to be done


Can you Help ?
  • Looking for testers (All Node.js platforms)
  • Can help translate
  • Help / User interface guides
  • Any other ideas :-)
  • Developers for the ideas
  • ……….



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