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Beginners Guide -

Assassin has written a great step-by-step first time install guide here, please visit and give him some kudos..


How does it work ?

The intention of Elucidate, is to make it easier and clearer on how to use the SnapRAID Command-line application.
Lets take a look at the layout:
Windows 7 x64
Layout With Scheduling.png



This will hold the preferences that have been setup for this application.
It will need to know the location of the SnapRAID executable.
On the first run this form will show and ask the user to fill in this location before enabling any of the buttons.
It also needs to generate or locate the config file for SnapRAID to use. Without this, SnapRAID will not work as expected. More on this later.

View Log

This will start up a viewer to look at the log files that Elucidate generates during it's processing. On Windows this will be WordPad.


A brief intro, probably this page :-)



This will switch to the Real-Time View and then run the "diff" command. It will list all the file changes that have occurred since the last Sync command.


This will generate or refresh (synchronize) the snapshot parity data sets.


If will read all your data, to check if it's correct.
If an error is found, you can use the "fix" command to fix it.

Real-time View

This is a tail of the current data being written to the log view.
It is marked up with colors to show the type of logging; So if you see red in the middle of a run, then that's probably bad!
Real Time Log.png

Status Bar

Speed of 1.7 x64.png
The left side shows the locale time stamp Followed by the current status.

This can also be used to Use Idle / Pause / Abort / Reset back to Running, the current SnapRaid process.

The right show the progress percentages that come from SnapRAID.

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