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Phase I (Release SnapRAID 1.5) - Windows

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Released: Jul 8, 2011
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Application Elucidate Windows Installer 2011-07-08
application, 353K, uploaded Jul 8, 2011 - 73 downloads

Release Notes

Nice to have Tasks:

  • Extend Preferences Form logic to prevent malicious usage scenarios
    • Like trying to write to a FAT drive type
    • Like trying to backup a compressed file / directory
    • Like restoring to a compressed drive
    • Prevent putting the parity / content file(s) on a backup drive

Done (Newest First):

Stable? 2011-07-08

- Start to add the changes required to deal with SnapRAID 1.5
- New GUI Mode output
- New Check command
- Fix Text in the progress bar
- "Tune the colours" in the Real-Time log view

RC 2 2011-07-06

- Complete Gui re-think, to allow tabs to be used in main window, this allows the realtime log view to be displayed.
- Allow number of lines in the realtime log view to be changed - (Global App Setting)
- Designed and coded the "Round tabs control" and placed it into this project.
- Some Changes to the Tab layout to remove the Group Box.
- Fix strange transparency on some systems (e.g. App title goes all fuzzy!)
- Start app after install complete.

RC 2011-06-18

- On restart it does not remember the SnapRaid Settings
- Spaces in the Directories to be protected are lost (And everything after the fisrt one)
- Improved error display in status
- Add code to deal with Recover and Fix
- F1 Interactive Help redirects
- More informative MessageBox's (Replace with TaskDialog look-alikes)

Beta 2 2011-06-16

- Allow SnapRAID to run in "verbose mode"
- Add unsaved changes question when exiting Settings Form
- Correct a typo in the Check button (Add caution icon back)
- Add shortcut (Accelerators) indicators to the CommandLink buttons
- Decode the StdOut and StdErr to show updates on the screen (Cross Threading !)
- The Redirect only dumps when the program is finishing ?!?
- Add code to display text on the progress bar
- Fix Initial Colouring of CommandLinks is not always correct

Beta 1 2011-06-14

- Add the app to the startup group via the installer
- Sort out the focus, Click on, And normal drawing of the Command Link Button, Also added Disabled and button click movement to this.
- Add code to perform the launching of the SnapRAID Command-Line
- Redirect output to the log files (UTF-8 from Stdout / Stderr)
- Help redirect
- Add version indicator in the top.

Alpha 2011-06-12

- Changed the button icons to be a little more related to their function(s)
- Start to add the Settings form
- Disable the Main form buttons by default
- Layout to get the basic config file properties
- Error provider icons
- Read and Write the config file
- Updated NLog to the latest nightly build

Teaser 2011-06-10

- Added the code to do the CommandLink Buttons (Compatible with .Net 2)
- Reused the code for the Progress bar to allow "pretty" drawing on all platforms
- Posted Teaser layouts to the project site
- Added code to handle uncontrolled exit
- Converted Changelog to html to allow viewing on all platforms
- Fixed Build versioning

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